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Hi Warren,
As a preliminary point I suspect you have a reference in your request list wrong;
the Boston Consulting Group's recommendations in their Board Review Report were summarised as:

Recommendation #8: Clarify the board’s accountabilities. Initiate a program of discussions that explore the following propositions:
(a)	Agree the accountability of ICANN’s board – to ICANN itself, the ICANN community and/or the Internet?
(b)	Affirm that ICANN directors owe their loyalty to the board and not to their sponsoring organisations.
(c) Support proposals for a process to dismiss the board but ensure that the hurdle is quite high.
(d)	Discuss possible conflict issues in the board's role overseeing the ICANN community where its members are appointed by those who are doing the work. Agree that a key role of the independent directors (via NomCom) is to ensure that the board continues to carries out its role without compromise.
(e) Discuss the future work division between paid staff and volunteers and form a view as to what this will look like in five years time.
(f) Consider the proposition that the stakeholder groups get together to appoint a board acceptable to all of them – rather than directly appointing their own representatives to the board.

You may want to look at that before sending.

I think its a comprehensive list, which will generate some useful materials

The ombudsman has comprehensive data, and subject to the redaction point willl, I am sure make it available.



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On Aug 20, 2010, at 9:36 AM, <wadelman at godaddy.com> <wadelman at godaddy.com> wrote:

> ATRT members,
> Attached is a draft request for information / materials from ICANN Staff and the Ombudsman. Please review and comment no later than EOD Monday.
> Ideally I would like the ATRT Chair to submit this request with any modifications to ICANN and the Ombudsman by Tuesday.
> If anyone can direct Subteam#4 to answers to the proposed requests in publicly available material please let me know. There is a brief overview, for example, of the activities of the Office of Ombudsman in ICANN's 2009 Annual Report. The annual report refers to additional materials on the Ombudsman's website, located here:
> http://www.icann.org/ombudsman/program.html
> In going through these materials, they seem out of date (2006-2007).
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