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Chris Disspain ceo at auda.org.au
Tue Aug 31 10:53:35 UTC 2010


Here is a first cut. I have used WG1s mandate to draft a rough attempt at
how our template would work for an actual WG.

I have put in text where I had text to use BUT it is not definitive so
please don't wordsmith it for now. Input on the structure is welcome.

It is clear to me that more work needs to be done before the individual
WGs start to populate the template. I will, over the next few days,
continue to refine the document by adding example detail so that it
becomes clearer how it will assist us. Hopefully by our call on Monday we
will be able to discuss it with a goal to sign off and get busy. That's
not to say you can’t start now if you want.


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