[At-review] Update regarding tomorrow's Review Team meeting

Denise Michel denise.michel at icann.org
Wed May 5 00:42:07 UTC 2010

Dear Review Team members,

Rod's plans have changed and he will be at tomorrow's Review Team meeting in
person.  His flight is scheduled to arrive around 10:15 am.  We expect him
at the Review Team meeting at approximately 11:00 am for about an hour as he
is scheduled to return to DC tomorrow afternoon to attend to prior

With this change, we would like to suggest the following sequence to address
the issues raised by the Team:

10.00   Public session with staff

   - 10:00 -- Doug will address several issues raised by the Team, including
   organizational charts, strategic and budget planning processes, and staff
   prioritization and performance procedures.
   - 11:00 -- Rod will discuss the review goals, framework and primary
   activities under review.
   - 12:00 -- John, Denise and Doug will discuss the remaining issues
   identified by the Team (we can start these discussions at 11:00 am if Rod is

13.00   Lunch break/ buffet lunch provided

14.00   Private session with staff

   - Denise will review an inventory of current activities related to
   Transparency & Accountability and, along with Doug and John, will continue
   discussions as requested by the Team.

We apologize for the late notice, but hope you will find this responsive to
your needs.  Doug, John and I will be at the Marina del Rey Hotel at 8:30 am
tomorrow and will be available if you would like to discuss the agenda prior
to our scheduled time with the Team.

We look forward to seeing you.


Denise Michel
Advisor to the President
denise.michel at icann.org
+1.408.429.3072 mobile
+1.310.578.8632 direct
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