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Brian Cute briancute at afilias.info
Thu May 13 23:11:09 UTC 2010



Our most immediate work item is the draft questions for the Community that
were drafted by Cheryl, Olivier and Willie.  We have a deadline of May 15th
to submit the questions for posting.  Please review the questions and post
any proposed edits so we can meet this deadline.


Looking forward, since paragraph 9.1 of the AoC has 5 areas of review (the
Board, the GAC, public input, public support of decisions and policy
development process), I suggest that we establish "sub-committees" headed by
two members of the RT who oversee the work of each area of review.  The two
responsible members would ensure that the review work remains focused and
aligned with the RT's methodology and on time for deliverables in December.
The sub- committee approach would not prevent any RT member from
participating directly in the work of any of the 5 areas of review - it is
intended to ensure organization and efficiency given our the limited number
of members on the RT.


If this approach is acceptable, please think about the area that you would
like to volunteer for and indicate that in advance of our next scheduled
call.  The Doodle for our next call is almost complete.  If you haven't
indicated your availability, please do so and we will send out the meeting
maker and telephone bridge.




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