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Denise Michel denise.michel at icann.org
Mon May 17 21:32:19 UTC 2010

Dear Brian and Review Team members,

It was a pleasure meeting with you in Marina del Rey.  As discussed, I am
collecting the information requested by the Review Team, and written
responses to the RT's initial staff questions are being drafted.  To ensure
that we have a complete list of the materials you need thus far, would you
please take a moment to review the following items that we will be providing
to the Review Team.  (If any RT member requested an item, I've tried to
include it in the list and will provide it to all RT members.)  If anything
is missing (I don't have complete notes of the Wednesday meeting yet), or
additional items are needed, please just let me know.

I will email items as they become available to:  <at-review at icann.org>.  To
make this process more efficient, may I suggest that you have your email
list settings changed to accept emails from <denise.michel at icann.org>.  This
will avoid delays due to bounces/holds and will save the list administrator
from having to approve all of my incoming emails (there will be many!).

Again, please don't hesitate to let me know what else Staff can do to
facilitate your work.


Denise Michel
Advisor to the President
denise.michel at icann.org
+1.408.429.3072 mobile
+1.310.578.8632 direct

Note:  The following items are in addition to the RT's initial "Staff
Issues/Questions" for which written answers will be provided.

Items requested in Brian Cute's 6 May email:

   - Org Chart showing assignment of AoC responsibilities
   - Process flow chart (reflecting PDP, implementation, other relevant
   - Description of ICANN staff’s role with regard to Policy Development
   Processes and policy implementation.  Please describe any “grey” areas as
   - Staff prepared observations on the AoC
   - AoC training materials that were used for staff and staff reactions (if
   - Any existing policies concerning Accountability and Transparency and
   the AoC
   - Metrics – 1 pager (you described a document that condensed ICANN’s
   metrics into one page)
   - Updated Affirmation Tracking & Brainstorming Document
   - Project tracking metrics mentioned in our discussion about the
   dashboard that is not publicly available in the dashboard
   - Getty Foundation best practices document

Additional items requested during 5 May meeting

   - Slides
   - 1 World Trust report link and contact information
   - Information on metrics, performance indicators, and project tracking
   - Information on public engagement plan
   - Information on BGC workplans
   - information on IRT
   - Example of dashboard provided to Board
   - Study of GNSO constituency participation in working groups (related to
   workload/prioritization efforts)
   - Example of a final PDP report that includes a minority report where
   dissent is stated
   - Org chart showing responsibility for Affirmation 9.1 provisions
   - Example of monthly updates on policies
   - Information on structure of the Board standing committees
   - Catalog of changes since JPA

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Brian Cute <briancute at afilias.info> wrote:
> Doug,
> Thanks to you and staff for a constructive first information exchange with
the Accountability and Transparency Review Team.  As promised, attached is a
list of requested documents and information from our discussion.  Please let
me know if you have any questions.  The Review Team looks forward to working
with the Staff as we work toward our recommendations under the AoC.
> Best regards,
> Brian
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