[AT-Review] Doodle Polls - Follow-up -

Alice Jansen alice.jansen at icann.org
Tue May 18 12:37:06 UTC 2010

Dear Review Team Members,

Please find enclosed the current results of the two Doodle polls that were circulated following the F2F meeting in MdR:

v  Mailing List

To date, 10 Members out of 13 have participated in the poll -

10 in favor of an open mail archive and availability in the future

v  F2F meeting in Egypt

To date, 8 Members out of 13 have entered their preferences -

Results currently indicate that the best options are:

Ø  12 - 13 October 2010;

Ø  13 - 14 October 2010.
As to ensure consensus and obtain availabilities of all Members, individual emails shall be sent to those who have not had a chance to provide their opinion and options.
Thank you,
Best regards
Alice E. Jansen
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