[atrt2] Welcome to the Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT2)

Steve Crocker Steve at shinkuro.com
Tue Feb 19 15:46:18 UTC 2013

ATRT2 members,

Welcome to the Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT2), and thanks for applying for this important and substantial service to ICANN and the Internet community.  As with the first review team's report, the results of this team's work will be followed closely.

Heather and I had the responsibility for selecting team members.  Now that we've done so, we will step back to become members but not leaders of the team.  One of the first orders of business is for the team to select its leader or leaders, to set an agenda and work plan, and to determine its schedule.  Alice Jansen on the ICANN staff will be the principal support staff.    Denise Michel, VP Strategic Initiatives & Advisor to the President, is overseeing the Affirmation of Commitments process and each of the reviews.

While the agenda and direction of the review team is entirely up to the team, I want to pass along one suggestion.  As we made our decisions about populating the team, we were conscious of the commitments the other two dozen people were making as they applied.  Many of these people are likely to have specific views that might be useful to hear their views.  Aside from the courtesy and utility of hearing their views, the team may find it useful to hear their views as part of its information gathering process.

Again, thank you and we look forward to working with all of you.  Alice Jansen will send a message to everyone with information about getting the team together and operational items.

Heather Dryden and Steve Crocker, co-selectors.



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