[atrt2] Tools

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Feb 22 16:08:19 UTC 2013


This is a repeat of a comment I made on the Adobe chat with a bunch of extra.

I recommend that in addition to this email list, we set up an ongoing archived chat space.  I don't care what technology gets used, e.g. skype, google, jabber ...  I have found that in other groups I am on, good conversations get going around the group asynchronously, so that all get to participate in their own time.  It allows, however, for greater approximation of the flow of conversation than email does.  Of course, it is not a  decision making tool, just a discussion tool.

I also recommend that we have and use the confluence wiki services ICANN has, including allowing for members of the group to do collaborative work on necessary pieces of writing.  Again this allows for asynchronous collaboration in our own time frames.

I also recommend that in the future we turn the voice capabilities of the Adobe connect service on.  This allows for those who are having telephony difficulties to have another possibility for full participation in the meetings.

And of course we need to use the top of the line service that ICANN has to offer for remote participation when one of us cannot make a meeting.

One thing I did not mention, has to do with the transparency of our work to the rest of the community.  With rare exception, I think everything we say or do should be visible to the entire community.  That means I suggest that all of our lists and chats have open archives and that our calls use a mechanism similar to the one used by the GNSO council where the calls and face to face meetings are streamed for non-members to listen in on.

As for the rare exceptions, we should be explicit and transparent about the what and when of those exception to full transparency.



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