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Alice Jansen alice.jansen at icann.org
Tue Mar 5 10:33:29 UTC 2013

Dear Steve,

Dear Review Team Members,

To date, the Review Team Members who have expressed an interest in the
positions are:
- Lise Fuhr - Vice-Chair (on 22 February);
- Avri Doria - one of the roles (on 1 March);
- Brian Cute - one of the roles (on 1 March);
- Alan Greenberg - Vice-Chair (on 4 March).


Kind regards


On 04/03/13 20:23, "Steve Crocker" <steve at shinkuro.com> wrote:

>I am not running for any position, so I am not not conflicted.  If there
>is anything we can do to move forward speedily, I'm in favor of it.
>Toward that end, my understanding is that we're in rough agreement to
>have two leaders.  One is to be the chair.  The other is to be either the
>vice chair, co-chair or alternate chair.
>1. Can we make a decision before our face-to-face meeting as to what we
>want to call the second position?
>2. I don't have the list in front of me regarding who has said they're
>interested in the first position and the second position.  ALICE, can you
>supply those names?
>If anyone feels this is rushed and shouldn't be done before we meet in
>person, we'll hold off.  On the other hand, if there are pieces we can
>get done ahead of time, so much the better.
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