[atrt2] Agenda for Face-to-Face meeting

Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Fri Mar 8 16:24:22 UTC 2013


As we prepare to meet in Los Angeles next week, I thought it would might be useful to describe aspects of the first face-to-face meeting of the ATRT1 that took place in Marina del Rey with ICANN staff.  In addition to the election of a Chair and Vice Chair and the initial organization of the ATRT's work (terms of reference, methodologies etc.), the ATRT also had an important interaction with ICANN senior staff over the course of two days.  ICANN's CEO had a 1 hour interaction with the ATRT that included Q&A from the ATRT.  Presentations were also made by senior ICANN staff to the ATRT.  If recollection serves, ICANN's COO, Head of Policy (Denise Michele who is now V.P of Strategic Initiatives and Advisory to the CEO) and the General Counsel all participated.  Both an open and closed session with senior ICANN staff were held at the initial meeting.

While a similar interaction with senior ICANN staff would, in my view, be very useful, the focus of the discussion would obviously be quite different.  We are at a juncture where 4 review teams have completed their respective work and given the focus of ATRT2's work under the Affirmation of Commitments, it would be appropriate to hear from senior ICANN staff an assessment of those Review Team processes.   I would think the assessment by ICANN senior staff should, at a minimum, address:

-  the review processes themselves (including learnings on how the processes can be better conducted going forward)
-  implementation of recommendations from the respective Review Teams
-  "assimilation" across the organization of "Accountability and Transparency" as informed by the work of the Review Teams (including examples of how the AoC and Review Team work has affected the organizational culture).

I would welcome the inputs of fellow ATRT2 team members in terms of their expectations.

With respect to the balance of the agenda, the team will want to come away faith an understanding of the terms of reference, the specific work streams and identification of volunteers, the methodology for the work, the need for engagement of independent expert/third parties (or not) and a meeting/call calendar.

Please add your thoughts and suggestions as to how we should organize our agenda for next week.


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