[atrt2] Agenda for Face-to-Face meeting

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Fri Mar 8 20:51:13 UTC 2013


It sounds like we are collecting a good number of topics to cover.

I too beleive that reviewing the first cycle of the AOC and its relation to improving the accountability and transparency of the ICANN Organization is a good first objective.  And certainly knowing ICANN Staff's views, beginning with Sr. Staff, on this is important.  But really in the end, I think this is a judgement this group will need to make after our deeper review and we should be careful not to have the mission set by what the Sr. Staff say.  While I think it is important to hear what Sr. Staff has to say, I hope we have a chance to speak as a group first.  Personally I think any discussions with the Sr. Staff are better scheduled for the second day if possible.

In terms of the wider Internet governance context, I think the most important thing we can do is understand the degree to which ICANN accountability and transparency meets the mandate of the global public interest.  I do not think it is our role to compare, or even to worry about the response to the challenges from the ITU and others.  Rather I think it is our job to make sure that ICANN _is_ Accountable to the global stakeholders and has not been captured by any party, stakeholder or other group. And to make sure that ICANN's actions are genuinely transparent in all cases to the world whose Internet interests we serve.   Where I think the evidence of WTSA, WCIT, WTPF, IGF etc is relevant is in creating the case studies, if there are case studies, that we use in the review.  I also beleive understanding the view of those outside of ICANN is important as part of our review.

One thing I would like to add is consideration of IGF opportunities in this context.  Coincidentally, now is the time for IGF workshops and other event to be initially proposed.  The team has a wonderful opportunity to get global discussion, out of the bubble discussion as one friend would say, on ICANN as seen from the outside if we schedule an open discussion at the IGF on the perception of the world's Internet users regarding the Accountability and Transparency of ICANN.  The IGF meeting schedule falls well within our schedule, so I hope we can discuss how we can use this forum as  way to broaden the scope of our information gathering.  This is especially important in regard to the topic of Enhanced Cooperation - which I think is fundamental to any full discussion of ICANN Accountability in the post WSIS Internet governance environment. 

I look forward to seeing you all in LA.  I arrive in LA on the 13th in the afternoon, and would be vary happy to join a pre-diiner.


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