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I think we need a little more rigor and preparation by ICANN for these discussions this week and I question whether we can get all of the discussion of the previous review teams done in one day.  I recommend that ICANN staff prepare presentations on the implementation of each of the recommendations from the three review teams that have completed their work.  For each recommendation, I would like to hear from the person primarily responsible for the implementation of the recommendation and have the person address each of the following questions:

What did s/he understand the recommendation to be?  What did s/he understand the underlying issue to be that led to the recommendation?
How did s/he implement the recommendation?  What options were considered and how was the actual option chosen for implementation?
Does s/he believe ICANN fully implemented the recommendation?  If not, why not?
Did s/he run into any new or unforeseen problems or issues while implementing the recommendation?
What has been the feedback both inside ICANN and external to ICANN as a result of the implementation of the recommendation?
How does s/he feel that ICANN has improved as a result of the implementation of the recommendation?

I realize that ICANN staff will need to prepare in order to conduct this briefing for us so I urge us to agree on this or some similar approach today so that the necessary preparation can be done.  But absent this level of detail, I fear we will not use our time in Los Angeles as productively as we need to given the schedule we have to complete this review by the end of the year.  If we need to move some of this discussion into Thursday, then we should do so, even though Fadi will not be available until Friday.

Larry Strickling

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Looks pretty good Steve and thanks to staff for putting together a proposed agenda.  To elaborate on a couple of prior points, the morning session on Day 2 will be important to hear the observations and perspectives of senior ICANN staff with respect to the Affirmation of Commitment (AoC) review processes and the level of assimilation of Accountability and Transparency under the AoC across the organization.
Since ATRT2 members have not put forward specific "asks" of ICANN staff for the first face-to-face meeting, and to allow adequate time for preparation by ICANN staff, I would think that an overview of prior AoC review team processes and a stocktaking of implementation by ICANN of those review teams' recommendations would be in order.  Adequate time for Q&A by ATRT2 members and with senior ICANN staff would also be appropriate.  I mentioned that the CEO, COO, General Counsel and Head of Policy attended the ATRT1 first face-to-face meeting.  It seems to me that this level of representation and any other that you or Fadi felt appropriate would be useful. This is my view only and I ask for other
ATRT2 member views on the agenda as well.  In fairness, we should give ICANN staff any additional guidance (and sufficient time to prepare) for next week's interaction.

On another point, I also share Avri's view that ICANN staff's inputs cannot "set" the mission of ATRT2.  The mission of ATRT2 is set by the Affirmation of Commitments and ATRT2 needs to independently agree to the terms of reference and methodologies of its work using the AoC as its guide.  The legitimacy of ATRT2's work and work product will be judged, in part, by its ability to act with autonomy and objectivity in its review.
Of course, this means we will have to do our own analysis of the prior review team processes and implementation of recommendations by ICANN.
ATRT2's work is clearly different from ATRT1 since ATRT1 was the first review under the AoC and we were sailing off into unchartered waters.
ATRT2's work, to a large degree, will focus on the results of prior reviews and will take a measure of ICANN's progress on Accountability and Transparency as a result of prior review team work and implementation efforts.  As such, hearing from senior ICANN staff and Fadi is a critical input to ATRT2s work at the outset of our process.


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