[atrt2] Travel arrangements for ATRT members

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Mar 17 15:43:56 UTC 2013


First it was a pleasure meeting face to face with you in LA these last few days.  I think we have quite an exciting and busy 9 months ahead of us.  I hope everyone's trip home was uneventful was as pleasant as it could be.

I was also honored by the manner in which you decided to include me in the coordinating group of chair and vice-chairs. 

Thank you.

Note: I am _not_ doing this as an activity of the chairs' group, but on my own as a long time volunteer worker at ICANN who happens to be a member of the ATRT at this point in time.

I have continued my personal discussion on ICANN Staff's decision regarding the fact that members of the ATRT are being forced to accept travel arrangement at ICANN's cheapest possible economy fare standards.  Hearing some of the travel horror stories you all went through, further convinces me that I am not doing the wrong thing.

I beleive that ICANN, as an organization, does not treat its volunteer workers properly as a general case and that it disrespects them in many ways.  I especially beleive ICANN is not treating this group with the right level of respect.  And I beleive that the level of respect a group like this gets is an important indicator of the organization's respect for the process and the work it is doing.

Not to mention that most of us are busy and need the ability to work when we travel and some are older and perhaps need a bit more consideration - without the embarrassment for getting a doctor's note that says we are older.

As long as anybody, including the CEO of the NGO called ICANN, can travel in better than economy class, we should all be able to travel that way. The senior officers of this 'in the public interest' corporation should not travel in a better class than the community they are accountable to or than those at the core of ICANN who do the work that gives the organization its legitimacy.

As I say, I have taken this on as a personal campaign.  But wanted to be sure I was disclosing to the group that I was doing it and would continue doing it.


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