[atrt2] Travel arrangements for ATRT members

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Mar 18 17:01:03 UTC 2013


First I want to reiterate, I was informing the group of my own actions for transparency sake, not asking the ATRT to take up my call for fair and respectful treatment of all AOC review groups, including ATRT2. I realize that changing this is my own ICANN Quixotic Quest.  

As for your specific question of relevance to the task of ATRT2, I thank you for brining up the issue.  If there is an issue of Transparency, it would entail a review of how ICANN arrived at and administers the differential policy.  It would not concern the specific details of our travel for ATRT2.  

There may also be issues of Legitimacy concerning an organization 'in the public interest' that has such differential travel tiering for volunteers and staff.  In some circles, any travel better than economy by people at an NGO is considered a misuse of funds; my own view is not quite so radical but this is a prevailing view among many who work with NGOs.  

The respect for AOC activities is another matter.  If I am right about the symbolic importance of this issue, and I may not be*, and about my impression that from start to finish ICANN Staff does not show adequate regard and respect for the AOC process or output, it may be significant with regard to Accountability.


* Obviously David's experience as an employee and my experience as a volunteer worker with ICANN over the last many years have bred different perspective in us.  As for the general rule you mentioned, it only applies to those who do not have the exception of being Board Members, SO/AC chairs or others who get a separate dispensation.  As I have pointed out elsewhere, while the travel documents from ICANN indicate that most do receive the worse possible economy fares, they indicate that some get better arrangements.  I also want to be clear, that these documents are not specific as to which category the AOC review teams fall not.

Carlos, congratulations on being able to update.  Not that it mattered on this flight for me, but I never get tickets from ICANN that even allow for me upgrade.

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