[atrt2] AT-Large discussion paper on ICANN legitimacy challenges and proposals

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Mon Mar 18 20:17:37 UTC 2013


On Mar 18, 2013, at 12:26 PM, Brian Cute <bcute at pir.org> wrote:
> 2.  Suggestion: Face-to-face meetings with former Review Team members in
> Beijing. 

I would agree this would be useful.  We also discussed talking with other the other applicants to ATRT2, but I don't recall if we had consensus on whether to do that.

> 3.  Suggestion: Face-to-face meetings with current chairs of the Advisory
> Councils and Supporting Organizations in Beijing.

Also useful I think.

Related, do we need to do anything (e.g., publicize) the Beijing public session on Wednesday?

> 4.  With respect to the list of issues that we created at the end of Day 2
> in Los Angeles (and thank you Avri for taking the mic to guide the team
> through the task), we need to make a selection of which issues will become
> discrete work streams and require focused work of ATRT2.  

Looking at the spreadsheet Charla sent out, I believe at least one item is missing: Demi had raised the issue of IPv6 and I thought we discussed adding IP (v4 and v6) address policy accountability/transparency (A/T) to the list.

In thinking about the item on metrics (row 2 on the spreadsheet), I agree (I think) with Alan that it should be a cross-cutting (plum) issue: metrics should be associated with each of the work streams so improvements can be easily understood/measured and areas where work is needed can be identified.  I also believe reviewing methods of continual assessment (row 3) is cross-cutting too.  That is, metrics and continual assessment methods are related and should be applied to each of the work streams.

Of the items listed under legitimacy (row 4), I'm interpreting it to be "efforts towards improving perception of legitimacy" and as a result, would restate the sub-bullets to:

- A/T of outreach efforts to governments
- A/T of outreach efforts to the larger Internet community
- A/T of efforts towards internationalization of outreach
- A/T of ICANN's financials (I'd actually generalize to all ICANN's financials, not just new gTLD program related financials)
- A/T of ICANN's mechanisms to prevent capture

On the R3 paper, I just did a quick scan of the document and think it identifies a number of interesting areas for us to consider. I'll read in more detail and provide thoughts in a separate message.


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