[atrt2] Reaching out to non-selected ATRT2 candidates

Steve Crocker steve at shinkuro.com
Mon Mar 18 21:08:07 UTC 2013

Brian, et al,

I suggested setting up a handful of calls specifically to listen to the views of the unselected ATRT2 candidates.  There are roughly two dozen people who applied who weren't chosen.  I haven't talked to any of them, but I expect many of them had specific thoughts to share about accountability and transparency, so I thought it would be a good idea to listen to them.  Also, I'd like to give them a bit more attention than they might get by sending comments in through the public comment process.

I don't think we have enough time in Beijing to interview a significant number of them in person.  Instead, I proposed that we hold a handful of listening calls specifically to listen to them.  We could arrange a small number of calls, say 3 or 4, and invite them to sign up for one of them.  A small team of us would then listen to them.  Their names are all public, so there's not much of an issue about privacy.  And since we're publishing our meetings and email anyway and since our raison d'être is transparency, I don't think they'll mind sharing the call with others.

We can get some or perhaps even all of these calls completed before Beijing.  This will be helpful in reducing the number of things we have to do in Beijing and it will treat the unselected candidates with a specific courtesy.  And, of course, we may get some very thoughtful and specific inputs that will help the effort.



On Mar 18, 2013, at 4:30 PM, Brian Cute <bcute at pir.org> wrote:

> David,
> You are correct.  We talked about reaching out directly to ATRT2
> candidates.  Thank you for catching it but I also don't recall a consensus
> on whether or how to do that.  I recall that, at a minimum, a direct email
> from the ATRT2 to the candidates along with the Public Comment questions
> was a suggestion that seemed to garner agreement.
> Brian
> On 3/18/13 4:17 PM, "David Conrad" <drc at virtualized.org> wrote:
>> Brian,
>> We also discussed talking with other
>> the other applicants to ATRT2, but I don't recall if we had consensus on
>> whether to do that.

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