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Jørgen C Abild Andersen jocaan at erst.dk
Tue Mar 26 12:10:23 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT2 colleagues,

Thank you again for a very fruitful meeting in Los Angeles.

I don't know whether my timing is right but I give it a try. I already now want to announce that I will be happy to volunteer doing work on particular items on the list of Action Items distributed by Charla on March 16 following our meeting in LA. (see below):

Item 4 Legitimacy: In line with my interventions in L.A, I believe it is important that the work of the ATRT 2 has a strong focus on the overall legitimacy of ICANN both inside the ICANN ecosystem (SOs and ACs) and outside (outreach, governments, larger internet community).

Item 6 (and 19 if grouped together) Accountability of GAC operations: In line with my remarks above and my interventions in LA, an essential element in ensuring accountability to ICANN and the multistakeholder model in my view would be to enhance the legitimacy of GAC towards all governments worldwide. The goal should be a GAC that is seen as the natural forum for governments for discussions on public policy issues related to the Internet and DNS.

Looking forward to the conference call Thursday morning

Best regards,
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Jørgen Abild Andersen
Director General Telecom

Ministry of Business and Growth
Dahlerups Pakhus
Langelinie Allé 17
DK-2100 Copenhagen

E: jocaan at erst.dk<mailto:jocaan at erst.dk>
D: +45 3546 6620
M: +45 4063 3005

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