[atrt2] Constituency Day during the Beijing meeting

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Thu Mar 28 01:29:32 UTC 2013


The NCSG* chair Robin Gross is intersted in inviting any of the ATRT2 who wish to come speak with the Stakeholder Group to come during Constituency Day on Tuesday in Beijing.  The NCSG meeting time slot is (1330 - 1530) and they will schedule a time to meet our needs.  They also don't expect all of us to show up, but would like it if some of us do.  I will obviously be there, but they know me.  Is this possible?

It is also possible that other GNSO constituency and stakeholder groups might be interested in a similar visit.



*  NCSG the non Commercial Stakeholder constituency in the GNSO (Generic Name supporting organization)

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