[atrt2] Questions for Public Comment

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Sat Mar 30 02:20:28 UTC 2013


Unfortunately I cannot seem to read your file.
I seem to have that problem a lot with files from our machine but not files from others.

All I see is a winmail.dat


On 29 Mar 2013, at 21:37, Brian Cute wrote:

> Larry, Carlos and Avri,
> I have accepted your suggested edits and draw your attention to two
> remaining questions:
> Paragraph regarding AoC 9.1(b): question #6 in the document.  Carlos
> clarified that the questions focus on the GAC.  Therefore, the substance
> of the question is not redundant with question #4. I made one edit and ask
> for final views on this question.
> Paragraph regarding AoC 9.1(e): question #15 in the document.  Avri, I
> made a suggested edit in an attempt to answer Larry's request for
> clarification.  Is my edit consistent with the intent of your question and
> does it add clarity?
> Please weigh in as soon as possible so we can get this document to Staff
> for publication to the Community.  Thank you.
> Brian
> On 3/29/13 1:23 PM, "Larry Strickling" <LStrickling at ntia.doc.gov> wrote:
>> Some suggested edits and comments.  I accepted all of Brian's changes and
>> then edited from there.
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>> From: Brian Cute [mailto:bcute at pir.org]
>> Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 11:28 PM
>> To: Larry Strickling; Carlos Raul Gutierrez; Avril Doria
>> Cc: ATRT2
>> Subject: Questions for Public Comment
>> For Larry, Carlos and Avri,
>> Please review the edited version of the Questions for Public Comment.  I
>> have tried to organize the questions under specific headings as suggested
>> by Olivier.  Please provide a rapid response with final edits to the
>> document as I would like to provide the final version to ICANN Staff for
>> translation and posting as soon as possible.  Thank you.
>> Regards,
>> Brian
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