[atrt2] Mail address for confidential submissions

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Sun Apr 7 08:03:55 UTC 2013


As your duly volunteered mail administrator, I've set up the email address

	confidential at atrt.info

When someone sends mail to that address, they will get back an immediate response:

> From: "confidential-bounces at atrt.info" <confidential-bounces at atrt.info>
> Date: 7 April, 2013 14:05:10 GMT+08:00
> To: [source email address]
> Subject: Auto-response for your message to the "Confidential" mailing list
> Thank you for your input. As your input was provided via the
> confidential at atrt.info list, it will be kept in confidence.
> Thank you,
> The ATRT2 Team

(Happy to accept edits to the wording of the confirmation message)

This email address is directed to a "mailman" mailing list manager which will archive the message (in a private archive on virtualized.org: I can disable this if desired) and forward the mail on to subscribers to the list.  Alice has given me all of your email addresses and I just wanted to make sure everyone wanted to be put on the subscriber list.  If you do NOT want to be added to the subscriber list, please let me know.


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