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Alice Jansen alice.jansen at icann.org
Tue Apr 9 20:46:39 UTC 2013

Dear Review Team Members,

You may have noticed a flurry of email with respect to your work stream
email subscriptions. Our IT Team has been working on setting up the
addresses for you.
You have been added to email lists according to your work streams. Please
look for the test email sent from my address and contact me off-list to
flag any issues you notice.
Note that email archives links have been posted on your wiki at:
The list of work stream members is available at:

Thank you

Kind regards


On 4/9/13 11:07 AM, "Brian Cute" <bcute at pir.org> wrote:

>Review Team,
>For purposes of organizing further the 4 work streams, the Chair and Vice
>Chairs offer the following:
>The Chair and Vice Chairs will offer to act as "facilitators" of the
>respective work streams.  As such, they will assist and support the
>substantive work of the 4 respective working groups.  After discussion,
>we are assigned as follows:
>Work Stream 1 (ATRT1) - Brian
>Work Stream 2 (SSR) - Avri
>Work Stream 3 (WHOIS) - Alan
>Work Stream 4 (overarching) - Lise
>To be clear, the Chair and Vice Chairs are not self nominating to become
>leaders of the work streams.  Rather, we are making a call to the RT
>members to volunteer to lead a work stream for which you have
>volunteered.  The leader (or co-leaders) will be expected to organize and
>"drive" the work of a given work stream working collegially with their
>fellow work stream volunteers.  Please note, each working group will have
>to draft recommendations and a report that supports those
>recommendations.  Therefore, "authors" who are willing to draft are
>critical.  The leader need not be the author of work stream report and
>recommendations.  This is noted to make clear that both leadership and
>drafting volunteers will be needed.
>Also, we recommend that a separate email address be set up for each of
>the 4 work streams.  Each would include only the members of the specific
>work stream (not the entire ATRT2) and be publicly available. This would
>keep the volume of email to the full ATRT2 email list at a reasonable
>level once the work begins in earnest.  If a given ATRT2 member wants to
>receive emails from a work stream that he or she did not volunteer for,
>we could add him or her to that list.  In any event, all 4 email lists
>would be publicly accessible at the ATRT2 site.  If there is a better
>approach to this proposed segmentation, we are happy to consider it.
>Thank you.
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