[atrt2] Dates of Los Angeles Meeting

Fiona Asonga fasonga at kixp.or.ke
Thu Apr 11 03:21:58 UTC 2013

Hallo All

I would be comfortable with Thur/Fri meeting dates as well

Kind regards


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Question: IF the week of may 6th, it would be again THU/FRI? (MAY 9/10) 

If yes, then I'm neutral. I could make it both weeks. 
The only diferente is that my Air ticket would be much moré expensive on MAY 9/10. 

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Dear Review Team Members, 

The Review Team Chair and Vice-Chairs discussed the Los Angeles meeting dates this week and noted a number of conflicts. 

As a result, Brian, Avri, Lise and Alan suggest holding this meeting on Thursday, 2 May and Friday, 3 May instead of the week of May 6th. 

Please raise any issues you may have by Tuesday, 16 April . Should no objections be voiced, staff will proceed with arrangements. 


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