[atrt2] Your call with ICANN Staff (ATRT 1 Impl.) on Thurs, 18 Apr - 17:00 UTC

Carlos Raúl Gutierrez carlosraulg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 17:39:16 UTC 2013

Thank you Alice!

Dear Team Members

Question: any chance to add another question to the list?

Explanation: during our first LAX meeting I asked Fadih if he had undertaken, or was planning to do any changes in the internal workflows and/or organization to address his new strategy. I would ask the same question to ICANN staff: in view of ATRT1 what changes in workflows and/or organization where undertaken?

I would also like to go back to my request to Fadih to provide the ATRT2 with a internal functional organizational chart of the Corporation. In my case, this is a precondition to understand who am I talking too.

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El 15/04/2013, a las 11:21, Alice Jansen <alice.jansen at icann.org> escribió:

> <ATRT2 Draft Questions on Implementation of Recommendations.docx>

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