[atrt2] Your call with ICANN Staff (ATRT 1 Impl.) on Thurs, 18 Apr - 17:00 UTC

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Dear Review Team Members,

I'd like to provide you with information that may be helpful in connection with your question about internal workflows and organization.  As Fadi announced last week in Beijing, the implementation of the ICANN Portfolio Management System is well underway.  The new ICANN Portfolio Management System is to assist ICANN in effectively managing and prioritizing work activities across its global workforce. ICANN is sharing a snapshot of the Portfolio Management System to increase ICANN's transparency and visibility into ICANN's workload and progress, towards our four management plan objectives and sixteen management goals as guided by the ICANN Strategic Plan as developed by the community.  ICANN's work is organized in a hierarchy of Objectives, Goals, Portfolios, Programs and Projects.  More details are available at https://www.myicann.org/plan.

As for the functional organizational chart, I will follow up on this request and will provide you with additional information shortly.

Best regards,

Larisa B. Gurnick
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
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Thank you Alice!

Dear Team Members

Question: any chance to add another question to the list?

Explanation: during our first LAX meeting I asked Fadih if he had undertaken, or was planning to do any changes in the internal workflows and/or organization to address his new strategy. I would ask the same question to ICANN staff: in view of ATRT1 what changes in workflows and/or organization where undertaken?

I would also like to go back to my request to Fadih to provide the ATRT2 with a internal functional organizational chart of the Corporation. In my case, this is a precondition to understand who am I talking too.

Best regards

Carlos Raúl Gutierrez
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