[atrt2] FW: ATRT2 Update and Reminders

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
Tue May 14 22:48:20 UTC 2013

Dear Review Team,
I would like to share with you additional information pertaining to the interactive survey.

1.       Two interactive surveys responses have been completed and submitted so far.  Charla will post these and any new responses on the public comment page (http://forum.icann.org/lists/comments-atrt2-02apr13/), along with the other responses received through the traditional method.  This will ensure that community feedback will be available for all to see, regardless of the method of response.

2.       We are tracking click-throughs to the survey and are noticing a significant number of  individuals visiting the survey without completing it (472 instances - note that some may be repeat visitors).  In some instances, they save their responses (one respondent), but in vast majority of the cases they appear to be abandoning their efforts after completing the introductory information and initial questions.  Presently, there are 10 individuals, who provided their contact information without completing and submitting their responses.
Statistics as of 14 May 3:30 PST:

a.       Total Responses - 474 (may include repeat visitors)

b.      Completed Responses - 2 (0.42%)

c.       Incomplete Responses - 472 (1 or 0.2% - saved responses, 10 or 2.1% - provided contact information)

The survey tool can be used to extract response data into a variety of formats (Excel, CSV and PDF).

3.       Please consider whether you would  like to send reminder communications to those responders that have provided their email addresses without completing the survey, inviting them to complete the survey.  Staff recommendation is to send a reminder on 17 May, in advance of the 19 May public comment close date and once again on 6 June, prior to the 9 June reply close date.

4.       The interactive surveys are available in English and link back to the page where original questions have been translated into 5 additional UN languages.

Best regards,
Larisa Gurnick
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Hello all,
On 10/05/2013 20:16, Larisa B. Gurnick wrote:
2.       Interactive survey is now live - https://community.icann.org/display/ATRT2/Questions+to+the+Community+on+Accountability+and+Transparency+within+ICANN.  This link is also posted on the wiki and on the public comment page.  We are monitoring responses and will provide several options for reporting responses and statistics for your consideration.

So here's a question that's come to my mind. The PC has an initial & reply period and therefore all input provided in this way is subject to scrutiny by peers thanks to the standard initial comment + reply period.
However, is any filling in of the survey subject to the same peer scrutiny? Are the responses provided using the online survey going to be transcribed to the public forum?

Kind regards,

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