[atrt2] Conference call next week - outreach at minister's level

Jørgen C Abild Andersen jocaan at erst.dk
Fri May 17 11:00:11 UTC 2013

Many thanks, Brian.
Best regards

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Sendt: 17. maj 2013 12:55
Til: Jørgen C Abild Andersen
Emne: Re: Conference call next week - outreach at minister's level


Thank you for your note.  The item has already been placed on the agenda for next week's call.  I have spoken with Tarek and will try to speak with Heather in advance of the call.

Best regards,

From: Jørgen C Abild Andersen <jocaan at erst.dk<mailto:jocaan at erst.dk>>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 06:32:26 -0400
To: Brian Cute <bcute at pir.org<mailto:bcute at pir.org>>
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Subject: Conference call next week - outreach at minister's level

Dear Brian,

In Beijing we discussed outreach at minister's level related to our work in ATRT2. We also briefly touched upon this at our meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month. In order to get things moving I prepared the attached one-pager which I would appreciate be put on the agenda for our conference call in the coming week in order to come to a final conclusion about an operational way forward and who should do what and when. As my proposal involves Stephen Conroy I have informed him in advance about my proposal. The reaction I have received from Canberra says "We will be ready to assist with the drafting of any letters to Ministers as necessary, following the discussions of the RT at the next teleconference."

Best regards

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