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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Mon May 20 09:04:30 UTC 2013

Dear Lise,

I can see a challenge with this study - which is that we are dealing
with moving goalposts at the moment. The next round of ICANN Operating
Plan & Budget feedback has just started and this year, the process is
quite different from prior years due to the new management &
introduction of a cross-matrix of cost centres thus breaking down silos
but introducing complexity at the budget making level as well as
bottom-up interaction with the community.
Last week I took part in a Budget call with the presentation of this
year's budget. Whilst I think that a lot of work has gone into the
communication and engagement aspect of the process, a vital question was
asked by participants: how much of this draft budget is frozen already?
The answer was that 80-90% of it was already frozen, exceptionally this
year, due to the late start. This shortness of time was explained
because last year's plans for budget and strategic planning and
framework cycles have been replaced by this new system.

In short, I am worried that we're taking a snapshot of a process which
is actually undergoing a change and that snapshot will not be a good
reflection of the process at it will be by the time our report will be
drafted and released. As in any work in progress, perhaps would it be
important to wait for the finished article to be more ready? Open
question to all.

Kind regards,


On 19/05/2013 18:39, Lise Fuhr wrote:
> Dear all,
> A proposal for a study. Have a nice Sunday.
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> Lise
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