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Carlos Raul Gutierrez crg at isoc-cr.org
Thu May 23 14:47:56 UTC 2013

Thank you Olivier!

Thank you Allan for your very good management of the last section of the
teleconference today. I'm not sure a Doodle will be appropriate for showing
our preferences. So I will do it the old way:

1. I take my proposals back, (a) if staff can analyse the public comments *in
an interactive way BEFORE* we get to Durban so we have* good practical real
data/metrics* on public comments, and (b) the team agrees on allotting a
least 90 minutes for discussion of ICANNs public interest position in
relation to the other players of the community. I would like to bring in
Jesse Stowell from MIT as a facilitator of the discussion, as my assistant,
consultant or whatever you want to call him. Costs would be minimal for
both proposals.

2. If there is money left for a "Grand Consultant" (and I had though the
one pagers where the solution for smaller consulting tasks and leaving the
THINKING to ourselves, as per the previous to last call,* but apparently I
got it all wrong*) my priorities are:

   - (A) Governments perception of ICANNs A&T as per Jorgen's proposal and
   other contributions
   - (B) A case Study of the gTLD PDP as per Allans proposal, which think
   is a very good one by the way
   - (C) orward looking ICANNs finances, i.e. projected to the future
   (either benchmark or comparison), if the analysis can focus on the impact
    of gTLDs on the *overall income from the DNS world, **income from actual
   TLDs (.org for example) and ***income for ccTLDs. In other words how much
   bigger is the pie going to get and its probable distribution

Carlos Raul

2013/5/23 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>

> Dear all,
> please be so kind to find the proposed Budget from the ICANN FY14 Draft
> Operating Plan:
> Objective: Affirmation of Purpose - Fadi Chehade
> Goal: Act as Steward of the Public Interest - Sally Costerton
> Portfolio: Affirmation of Commitments - Denise Michel
> Program: ATRT (Accountability & Transparency) Reviews
> Description: Support the assessment of ICANN's commitments, the Board’s
> consideration of that assessment, and any subsequent follow-up actions
> Program Metrics: Fulfillment of staff support and liaison functions
> Program Dependencies: Community, Board, staff and management
> Program Stakeholders: Community, Board, staff and management
> Timeline: FY13 T3
> Personnel: $160,956
> Travel: $78,800
> Prof Services: $37,800
> Admin: $850
> Total Expenses: $278,406
> Source: attached document
> If the decision is made by this Committee to hire an external
> consultant, this Committee would probably need to advise ICANN Finance
> of this requirement so as to be able to retribute the external
> consultant accordingly.
> http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/op-budget-fy14-10may13-en.htm
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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