[atrt2] Invitation to give ATRT2 update at AFRINIC Meeting in Lusaka Zambia.

Fiona Asonga fasonga at kixp.or.ke
Thu May 30 11:52:34 UTC 2013

Hallo Brian,

I have received a request from AFRINIC staff to share with the African Community at the upcoming AFRINIC Meeting in Lusaka on the progress and plans of ATRT2. It shall be part of a session on Global updates where I shall also share updaates on the Address Supporting Organization. The request to share on ATRT2 is specific to opportunities of involvement and progress so far.  I was thinking of using the slides you had prepared for the Beijing interactions as a formal update to the community. I am aware that the public comment period has come to a close and we are or should be in the reply period. I need guidance from the chairs whether any substantive issues raised during the public comments period? If YES and then I would like to update the slide on areas we shall be covering.

The main objective of this interaction would be to encourage participation in the opportunities provided by ATRT2 for feedback. It this type of outreach by ATRT2 acceptable? What would you advise?

I will be at the meeting either way and shall not require any budgetary allocations for this meeting.

Kind regards

Fiona Asonga 

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