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Denise Michel denise.michel at icann.org
Thu May 30 16:02:26 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT 2 Members,

The purpose of this note is to address your questions regarding the budget
set aside for ATRT 2 work.

Because the work of the ATRT 2 takes place over two fiscal years, the
initial estimate of ATRT 2 costs was included in the fiscal year ending 30
June 2013 (“FY13”), with additional funds to be allocated in the fiscal
year ending 30 June 2014 (“FY14”).  As you know, the draft Operating Plan
and Budget for FY 2014 is currently in the public comment process and
consequently, amendments may result leading to a final version to be
submitted for Board approval. The methodology used for the Operating Plan
and Budget for FY14 incorporates the new management delivery approach
(AtTask project management and tracking). The links between the Operating
Plan and Budget and the AtTask system used to report management delivery
through ICANN’s portfolios of work are still evolving. Thus, the posted,
preliminary budget figure on the AtTask Projects List (which Olivier
emailed) did not reflect the full proposed budget for the ATRT 2 work
during FY14. We apologize for the confusion that this may have caused and
hope that the information provided herein will serve as a helpful

The funds included in the ICANN budgets represent the financial estimation
of the scope of work of the ATRT 2, as of June 2012 and March 2013 (when
the budgeting work concluded for FY13 and was initiated for FY14,
respectively). This financial estimation potentially can evolve for FY14 as
the ATRT2 determines its scope of work. Note that consulting funds of
$64,000 in the FY13 budget must be used within this fiscal year (consulting
services must be procured and work performed before 30 June 2013).  If
unused by this date, these funds do not roll over into the next fiscal year.


ICANN Staff and Board fully appreciate the importance of the work the ATRT
2 is engaged in and will ensure that appropriate resources are available to
conduct this work in the most professional, efficient and productive
manner.  As the Review Team refines its work plan and identifies specific
resources needed - in terms of external experts, staff support and other
needs - ICANN will work with the ATRT 2 on the best way to meet these needs
to support the ultimate goal of submitting the final report and
recommendations to the Board by 31 December 2013. Please keep in mind that,
should the Team feel that additional funds are needed beyond what is
ultimately included in the FY14 ICANN budget, the Team may ask the ICANN
Board for additional support.

Please let me or Larisa know if you need additional information.


Denise Michel
VP Strategic Initiatives
& Advisor to the President
denise.michel at icann.org
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