[atrt2] Work Streams and ATRT2 Report

Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Wed Jun 5 20:06:36 UTC 2013

Review Team,

The first few calls of Work Streams 1 – 4 are progressing well.  The Work Stream Chairs have clarified the issues that each Work Stream will address and are in the process of identifying documents and required reading for Work Stream members.  Reading the required and relevant documents as requested by the Chairs will be critical to ATRT2's assessment of ICANN's progress on Accountability and Transparency.  From an organizational standpoint, Olivier created a Wiki for Work Stream 1 and is organizing the documents that are relevant to WS1's work there.  Each Chair should organize with his/her Work Stream in consultation with WS members but I would recommend reviewing the Wiki created by Olivier as a potential tool.

Attached is an outline from the Report from ATRT1.  It captures the structure of the Report and illustrates how ATRT1 approached background documentation and analysis.  This is offered as an illustrative snapshot and ATRT2 will need create its own Report structure collaboratively, perhaps building on this outline.  Please provide your suggestions on how ATRT2 should structure its Report to the ATRT2 mail list.

Finally, in looking at the membership of the respective Work Streams (and sub work streams), I note that certain sub work streams are not well populated.  It would be best if there were at least 3 ATRT2 members on a given work stream.  I am calling for ATRT2 members to consider joining work streams that are thinly populated.  If you are participating in a work stream that is heavily populated, I ask that you strongly consider offering to participate in a different, thinly populated work stream so we can have optimal coverage.

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