[atrt2] Independent Expert - Doodle Poll is now open

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
Sat Jun 8 20:20:00 UTC 2013

Dear Review Team Members,

In accordance with Brian's directions included in the email on 5 June (attached), two Doodle Polls have been set up for you to cast your vote, now that you've had a chance to consider all the information.

Doodle Poll #1  - http://doodle.com/g78kukvbpiatk6tg.  This Poll includes 6 issues.
Doodle Poll #2 - http://doodle.com/brqrchi5qmibpfqb.  If you voted in support of issue #1 on the Doodle Poll #1 - Case Studies of PDPs and Processes with regard to ATRT1 advice (Avri), then please select the issues that you would like included in cases studies conducted by an independent expert.  This Poll includes 15 issues for possible case studies.

Please submit your votes at your earliest convenience, preferably by end of day on Monday, 10 June.

Best regards,

Larisa B. Gurnick
Consultant/Senior Director, Organizational Reviews
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
larisa.gurnick at icann.org<mailto:larisa.gurnick at icann.org>
310 383-8995

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