[atrt2] Update on ATRT2 activities and a request

Fadi Chehade fadi.chehade at icann.org
Sun Jun 9 01:08:48 UTC 2013


Please provide Brian all the requested documentation on the whistleblower program and assist the review in every possible way and with maximum transparency. 

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On Jun 8, 2013, at 4:30 PM, "Brian Cute" <bcute at pir.org> wrote:

> Fadi,
> Attached is a letter agreed to by government members of ATRT2 that will be sent out under their signature as part of outreach tied to the activities of ATRT2.  Heather Dryden is assisting in identifying the appropriate addressees with the assistance of Larisa and Alice  who are supporting the ATRT2.  It is ATRT2's hope that the letter will provide a positive signal to senior level government officials concerning the importance of accountability and transparency work being undertaken by ICANN and serve as an opportunity for them to participate and contribute to the ICANN process.  Thank you for conferring with me on this and thanks to Tarek who provided good guidance and suggestions for additional potential outreach by government members of ATRT2.
> On another matter, as part of its review, ATRT2 would like to review ICANN's Whistle Blower program and procedures.  Would you please have a copy of the program and procedures provided to ATRT2 and, while respecting confidentiality where legally required, provide data with respect to the use of the Whistle Blower program since December 31 2010 when ATRT1 made its recommendations to the ICANN Board?
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> Brian
> <ATRT Letter to Governments.docx>

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