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Heather.Dryden at ic.gc.ca Heather.Dryden at ic.gc.ca
Mon Jun 24 23:52:47 UTC 2013

Dear Brian,

Thank you for following up on this.  My expectation was that ATRT 2 support staff would look up the senior officials associated with the ministry or regulator providing representation to the GAC and issue the letters with a cc to the GAC representative.  As this appears to not be possible?, and in the interests of moving ahead, I suggest the following:

- GAC support will circulate the non-addressed letter to the GAC email list, with an explanation that a letter can be sent to the direct attention of the appropriate senior official responsible for ICANN matters and requesting that contact information for the senior official be sent to the GAC support email (gacsec at gac.icann.org); GAC support will forward the name and contact info. received to ATRT 2 support, who will be responsible for sending the individual, addressed letters to senior officials
- GAC support will also post the non-addressed letter to the GAC website and include in the GAC Durban meeting materials
- GAC support will send a targeted letter to active regional orgs in the GAC ex) African Union Commission with a short covering email requesting circulation of the letter to the attention of their members and highlighting the importance of the ATRT 2's work

Government members of the ATRT 2 and ICANN engagement staff can be effective in generating responses from governments by raising in bilaterals and other meetings (kudos to Fiona Asonga for raising at AFRINIC and sensitising African colleagues to the ATRT and Affirmation of Commitments!).  I hope these efforts will continue as I do not believe a letter on its own will have sufficient impact.

As ICANN from time to time does write letters to governments, GAC support will start to request and/or record the names and contact info. of the relevant
relevant minister or senior official in addition to the info. we currently maintain so that in the future a more complete list will be on-hand.  A GAC service to ICANN.
I hope this proves helpful.  As I am sure you can appreciate, GAC preparations for Durban are currently in full-swing and represent a significant demand on the time and attention of the GAC.  

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Subject: ATRT2 letter to governments

In order to make the ATRT2's outreach letter to governments effective, it is essential that the letter be addressed to the appropriate government official.  Heather Dryden, Chair of the GAC has offered GAC resources to provide contact information for GAC member countries.  While that information is helpful, in many instances we still do not have the name of the relevant government official/Minister to whom the letter should be addressed.

To expedite the outreach letter, we may need additional resources from the GAC and from ICANN's Government Engagement team to supplement the list.  Heather, would a request that each GAC representative provide the name of the relevant Minister and his/her email address be practical and fruitful?  Additionally, could ICANN's Government Engagement team provide or direct ICANN staff to additional resources that could supplement the list of addresses?  We are open to suggestions as to how to expedite this important task.  The Review Team would like to send the outreach letters by 1 July at the latest.

The ATRT2 greatly appreciates your assistance with this important task. I look forward to your response as to the next steps.

Kind regards,
Brian Cute

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