[atrt2] URGENT: Final Draft RFP

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Jun 27 03:33:48 UTC 2013

Attached please find the hopefully final RFP. Before disappearing for 
the next week, Brian made some edits, one of which removed the 
explicit reference to the GAC under scope of work. Since he is not 
here to present his rationale, I have temporarily left in his comment 
about why he felt strongly that the particular reference should not 
be included in the RFP.

Partly in response to that, Lise and I, with Avri's agreement 
included an explicit reference to ICANN ACs and SOs in the Annex 
description of stakeholders.

In addition to posting this RFP publicly, staff has identified two 
potential consultants to explicitly be invited to bid, One World 
Trust and Ken Bour. With this note, I ask staff to explain why they 
believe that they could meet our needs.

If anyone on the RT has additional suggestions for who to invite, 
please let us know quickly. The list of those submitting proposals to 
the ATRT1 competition can be found at

If we are to meet the target issue date of July 1 (next Monday!), we 
need to finalize everything quickly, so I ask for all comments and 
suggestions to arrive no later that 12:00 UTC on Friday, June 28.

If there are any crucial edits to them RFP itself, please submit them 
as soon as possible to allow discussion.


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