[atrt2] Whistleblower Program

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
Sat Jul 6 01:31:05 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT 2 members,
Following is the updated information on the Whistleblower Program, assembled by Legal and HR staff.

At the request of the ATRT2, attached please find:
*         ICANN's Anonymous Hotline Policy (redacted)
*         ICANN's Anonymous Hotline Procedure (redacted)
*         ICANN's Response to the Documentary Information Disclosure Policy ("DIDP") request submitted by Kieren McCarthy on 27 October 2011 on this topic.

Here is some additional information for context:

1.       ICANN's Anonymous Hotline Policy was launched to the staff in August 2009, after several months of testing.  Note that the cover email launching the policy to staff was posted as part of the response to Mr. McCarthy's DIDP request and is attached.
2.       Staff members are required to formally acknowledge the existence of the Anonymous Hotline Policy each year through a policy acknowledgement process that includes:  (i) sending a copy of the policy to each staff member, along with a form they are required to sign indicating they are aware of, have read and understand the policy; and (ii) reminding them of where they can find the policy at all times on the internal staff wiki.
3.       A description of Anonymous Hotline Policy and information on how to access and use the hotline is posted in the two copy rooms in ICANN's Los Angeles office, and in the coffee rooms in the Washington DC office and in the Brussels office.

4.       We have conducted two drills of the hotline system to ensure it works in accordance with the policy and the procedures.

5.       We have had one complaint come through the hotline system.  This complaint was processed in accordance with our policy.

6.       The Anonymous Hotline policy is intended only for staff.  There are other mechanisms available to members of the community.

Best regards,
Larisa B. Gurnick
Consultant/Senior Director, Organizational Reviews
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
larisa.gurnick at icann.org<mailto:larisa.gurnick at icann.org>
310 383-8995

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