[atrt2] "Embrace"

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Mon Jul 15 04:54:58 UTC 2013


During the discussion with the board yesterday (and subsequently in a private meeting) questions were raised by 2 board members (Ray Plzak and Kuo Wei Wu) about the term "embrace" in question 10:

"10. Does the Community embrace decisions made in regards to IP addresses and AS numbers?"

I think Brian provided a reasonable explanation during the meeting, however perhaps the following might be supplied to the board to remove any remaining confusion:

'In the context of the AOC, ICANN must ensure decisions and policies it operates under meet the public interest and are "embraced" by the community, implicitly meaning "willingly accepted, supported, adopted" by the global Internet community.  By way of example, due to current allocation patterns, an ISP in (say) Bhutan with 2000 customers would be unable to obtain IPv4 address space to meet their customer demands (at least using traditional allocation mechanisms) while a national or multi-national ISP operating in the Americas or Africa would be able to obtain orders of magnitude more IPv4 addresses with no issue.  One thus may ask whether the global policies relating to IPv4 address space currently in operation are "embraced" (willingly accepted, supported, adopted) by community members in all regions.'


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