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>Subject: Re: PDP - Discussion with ATRT2
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>hi all,
>could somebody unpack this a little 
>bit?  "whether the current GNSO PDP process 
>satisfies the needs of the multi stakeholder 
>model and Internet users" is a pretty broad 
>topic (to put it mildly).  presuming that this 
>is going to be a 1-hour call, 90 minutes at 
>most, i would find it helpful if the ATRT2 could 
>come up with 3-4 questions you would like us to 
>think about and build an agenda from there.
>On Aug 7, 2013, at 8:03 AM, Alice Jansen 
><<mailto:alice.jansen at icann.org>alice.jansen at icann.org> wrote:
>>Dear All,
>>It is my understanding that my colleague Charla 
>>has been touched with you to schedule a call 
>>with the Second Accountability & Transparency Review Team (ATRT2).
>>  The ATRT2's activities are focused on 
>> paragraph 9.1 of the AoC where ICANN commits 
>> to maintain and improve robust mechanisms for 
>> public input, accountability, and transparency 
>> so as to ensure that the outcomes of its 
>> decision-making will reflect the public 
>> interest and be accountable to all 
>> stakeholders. As part of its mandate, the ATRT 
>> has decided to review the effectiveness of 
>> ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organization 
>> (GNSO) Policy Development Process (PDP) and so 
>> determine whether the current GNSO PDP process 
>> satisfies the needs of the multi stakeholder 
>> model and Internet users. Given your 
>> experience and expertise, the ATRT2 is 
>> interested in hearing your thoughts and wishes 
>> you to share your unique perspective with them.
>>The ATRT2 has a face-to-face meeting scheduled 
>>for next week (14–15–16 August) in Los Angeles. 
>>Would you be available - tentatively on 
>>Wednesday, 14 August - to join their session 
>>remotely? Please confirm your availability via 
>>by Thursday, 8 August – COB.
>>The Review Team has received your request for 
>>preparatory materials. Rest assured that we 
>>will provide you with more information as soon as available.
>>I look forward to reading your doodle poll 
>>entries and thank you for your help. Please let 
>>me know if you have any questions or concerns.
>>Very best regards
>>Alice Jansen
>>Strategic Initiatives Manager
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