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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Aug 13 05:30:25 UTC 2013

On 12/08/2013 20:54, Alan Greenberg wrote:

Forwarding Mikey's message:

> -- where is the connection between the SSAC and action?  why are
> reports that point to serious SSR issues not finding their way into
> policy discussions in a timely way?  as a test case please consider
> tracing the path that SAC045 took, and determine why we didn't have
> Lyman Chapin's report on namespace collision commissioned and
> completed 3 years ago.  why didn't the GNSO pick up on this and launch
> a discussion/investigation/PDP?

When asking this question, I was told that SSAC is primarily a technical
Advisory Committee, so it appears not to be clearly defined whether it
needs to "drive" its advice on a political level, like the GAC and the
ALAC. It produces it's SAC0xx reports and the Board/Community takes it
or leaves it.

I hope this leaves the door open for us to make recommendations on how
the Board responds to advice from *all* Advisory Committees, not only
GAC. In the case of SSAC advice, it is indeed surprising that some of
this advice is 2 years old and only gets picked up today, but this is
probably due to the deluge of information that the Board gets and needs
to prioritize. Mind you, I also recognize that the Board is getting a
lot better at dealing with advice outside its month's core topics than
it used to. I remember being told a few years ago, by the then Board
Chair, that if the ALAC sent advice about a subject that was not on that
month's Board agenda, it would probably be cast aside until the Board
focussed on that subject, with a high probability of falling through the
cracks because there was to "waiting list" to hold that advice ready to
be used. Steve might be able to tell us more about this, but I think
that thankfully this is not the case anymore - which is the reason why
some of those issues which had fallen through the cracks are now being
picked up.

But this brings another question: should the GNSO have picked up on it,
irrespective of the Board? Does the GNSO have the ability to pick up on
these issues, bearing in mind it also has limited bandwidth?

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