[atrt2] The Recommendations that I have not done...is

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Aug 14 06:44:23 UTC 2013

I had hoped to have two more recommendations for your consideration, 
but that will not happen in time for our meeting.

Nevertheless, I would like to bring them p with the hope that we can 
discuss their merits.

1. Recommend that in responding to AoC RTs, the Board must respond 
with clarity and precision. Despite some Board and Staff embers 
believing that this was done in all cases, the response to the Whois 
RT was viewed as cryptic and opaque b many on the RT as well as 
others in the community. The investment made by RTs is significant 
and some on the Whois RT feel that there efforts were close to 
wasted. This should not happen again.

2. Volunteers make up a substantial part of the ICANN 
multi-stakeholder community. Although many are paid by their 
companies to participate, many do so without any compensation. The 
latter group are at a significant disadvantage endangering the 
concept of a multi EQUAL stakeholder model that has been recently 
advanced by our CEO. ICANN needs to take actions to ensure that all 
stakeholders can participate equally.


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