[atrt2] Staff response to follow up questions to HR re: Multilinguism

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
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The Team has follow-up questions with respect to ICANN staff's multilingualism.   Below are responses from Steve Antonoff, Director of Human Resources:

 1.  Do we have metrics of staff multilingualism? Is this data public?  Denise clarified that the ATRT 1 recommendation implementation focused on Senior staff.  However, do you track this information for all staff?
    *   From time to time we survey staff but have not done so, therefore we do not have metrics for the entire staff.  We have not published publicly.

*         In order to track we need some automation that is currently not available in our current tools.  We are evaluating some new tools that would give us the capability to do this - we are probably a year away.

 1.  Is our educational program (foreign languages) documented? Do we have metrics we may share with the Team relative to the number of training sessions that have taken place and the number of staff that participated?
    *   The educational program is not formal in the sense that we track attendance, measure improvement, etc.  We encourage multilingualism and provide tools to staff who wish to pursue.  We currently don't have the capability to track.

*         We have posted the language training through busuu.com on the staff wiki under "Talent Development Offerings". In addition to busuu.com ICANN owns a number of Rosetta Stone systems that have been purchased to accommodate specific requests.  For example, we now have a copy of Rosetta Stone Turkish which is checked out to a staff member.  We have also paid for classroom training as well when appropriate - for example we paid for a Belgian staff member who was fluent in French and English to take Dutch classes, we've paid for a staff member in Los Angeles to study Spanish locally in a classroom setting, etc.

 1.  Can we compare the number of Senior staff that was multi-lingual around the time that ATRT 1 issued its report (Dec 2010) to where we are today?
    *   Measuring multilingualism of senior staff as of December 2010 to today is possible but will have to be done manually and will take some time.  Expect to have this ready by 23 August.

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