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The $3,072 represents meals and incidental expenses for ATRT 2 members that have  not yet been processed by Accounting.


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My recollection is that we decided to hold a 1/2 day full RT meeting on Monday afternoon in BA.

ICANN reports that the ATRT Durban travel costs were $33,339 ( http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/travel-support/funded-travel-durban-22aug13-en.pdf ). What are the additional costs in $36,411?


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Dear Review Team,
We fully appreciate the importance of your work as well as the need for fiscal accountability and transparency.
Below is a summary of actual and forecast expenditures as compared to the ATRT 2 budget for the current fiscal year 2014.   The additional, un-planned Washington DC trip would put ATRT 2 approximately $20,000 over budget.  This calculation is based on a careful analysis and forecast of ATRT 2 expenditures for this fiscal year.
Staff proposed several options to the Chair and Vice Chairs to address the funding shortfall. These are noted below.  With the indication that the Team chairs believe that both the DC and Buenos Aires in-person meetings must go forward, staff will seek budget approval for this option, while striving to be fiscally responsible. This entails:

 *   ATRT 2 uses conference call facilities and emails to accomplish work between now and Buenos Aires (as is expected of all community groups);
 *   Hold a two-day face to face meeting in Washington DC on 19-20 September (ATRT2 budget to cover arrival 18 Sept, departure 20 September, where feasible)
 *   Prepare for Buenos Aires via phone/email in advance; hold 2 days of meetings in Buenos Aires (ATRT2 budget to cover arrival on Monday, 18 November, meetings with SOs / ACs / Board on  Tuesday &  Wednesday, departure on Wed night/Thursday morning -- or longer stays funded by other sources)
We greatly appreciate your cooperation in meeting our budget obligations and conducting this Team's work.
Potential options:

 *   Option 1 - Bring members who have an assigned issue and who are involved in writing of the report to Washington DC, and the remainder of the team has full remote participation (approach used by other Review Teams & groups); this would enable the team to hold a Washington DC meeting and attend ICANN Buenos Aires meeting in person without additional budget requests.
 *   Option 2 - Include a limited number of people physically at the ICANN Buenos Aires meeting and the remainder of the team has full remote participation (approach used by other Review Teams & groups); this would enable the full team to physically be in Washington DC  without additional budget requests.
 *   Option 3 - use conference call facilities and emails to accomplish work between now and Buenos Aires and forego a physical meeting in Washington DC

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As discussed during our meeting in Los Angeles last week, ATRT2 will need to meet toward the end of September for a 2 day face-to-face meeting.  The purpose of the face-to-face meeting will be to reach conclusions on the draft Recommendations that ATRT2 will put out for public comment in mid-October.  The value of face-to-face discussions at this juncture of our work is important to reach fact-based consensus conclusions to put our for comment.  With respect to the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires, this is a final opportunity to meet with the S.O.s and A.C.s to hear directly from them with respect to ICANN's acceptability and transparency and the ATRT2 Report and Recommendations.  We hope that there is sufficient budget to allow this work of the ATRT2 to be completed.


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