[atrt2] WS4 and Staff request for additional clarifications

Fiona Asonga fasonga at kixp.or.ke
Sat Sep 14 09:09:23 UTC 2013

Thanks Carlos,

I am finalizing on the review process document and shall factor in the staff input. Document will be in by Monday 16th September 2013. Sorry team, I was caught up in helping our new Ministry of ICT officials understand the IGF processes since they are the hosts of the Africa IGF 2013, 23rd - 26th September. 

I shall not be in Washington but shall confirm what time I can be available

Kind regards

Fiona Asonga

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Dear WS4 Editors! 

i think is very important to address Staff request for clarification on items 30,31 and 33 ! (attached) 

As the spreadsheet is not a very good communication vehicle, I's submitting my comments in a concept map as per attachment for discussion. 

I will comment on item 32 tomorrow when Lise circulates the revised template 

the rest of the day I will dedicate to my joint work with Avri!!! 

Avri: Are you there???? May I have your skype Avri? 


Best regards 

Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez 
Skype carlos.raulg 
Apartado 1571-1000 

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