[atrt2] New Draft of Report on ATRT1 Recommendations 9-14

Carlos Raul carlosraulg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 12:14:04 UTC 2013

Dear Larry,

thank you very much for this very detailed and interesting template. Just a
few comments on the *ATRT2 findings* section, following the same 3 points:

   1. I think that the overall findings of ATRT2 are positive in terms of
   recommending GAC to keep working  to have clearer internal procedures (an
   earlier attempt to revised GAC operating principles got in the sand),
   including the initiative I hope ATRT2 will generally recommend of early
   engagement PDP and constant efforts for cross-community relations.
   Presently some members have initiated sch a discussion after presenting the
   "food for thoughts" paper that already has been commented by the US
   2. On the second finding, I would recognize that a long internal
   discussion has dragged along on the need for GAC, and the good disposition
   of donor countries to develop professional/analytical capabilities trough
   an  independent secretariat, that works year round and not only for the
   agenda and organization of the public meetings
   3. On the third finding I would try to establish a direct link with the
   discussion on improvements of the GNSO PDP process, and strongly recommend
   that GAC officially participates in the charter definition of the GNSO WG
   and more or less agrees on the public interest rational of each charter of
   PDPs (if it has one, which may not be the case for all of them). Also GAC
   active participation in  the (3) public comment periods of the PDP cycle
   should be recorded. This should reduce the scope for surprises. As far as I
   understand there is also an ongoing effort for a joint GNSO-GAC working
   group, that could be helped and tested as  a good example for better
   cross-communtiy work.

Finnally, as far as the styke if the recommendations, my reading fo the AoC
9.1. b) is that ATRT2 can directly make recommendations to the GAC and not
necessarily ask the Board to do it for us. GAC is well represented in ATRT2
and I think that the effect of the recommendations can be  made directly to
GAC for consideration of their members. Maybe it only requires a softer

I'm sorry I cannot travel to Washinton but will participate remotely.

Best regards

*Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez*
Skype   carlos.raulg
Apartado 1571-1000

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