[atrt2] Staff clarification and request for additional information - Inventory Item #37 - Volunteer engagement

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Sep 17 02:32:24 UTC 2013

You might look at the input received from Rinalia 
Abdul Rahim on input-to-atrt2 under At-Large 
Volunteer Constraints and particularly section 
vii on Poor Volunteer Appreciation.

Rinalia used to run another mluti-stakeholder 
organization (Global Knowlwdge Partnership) which 
relied heavily on volunteers, so she does have some idea of what works.


At 16/09/2013 08:04 PM, Larisa B. Gurnick wrote:
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>Dear Carlos, Avri and Alan,
>Staff has been reviewing the proposed 
>observations and recommendations considered by 
>the ATRT 2 and would like to offer several 
>clarifications.  Additionally, it would be very 
>helpful to get further clarification from the 
>Review Team on several points raised.  As you 
>are the ATRT 2 members assigned to complete the 
>analysis and the documentation on various items, 
>staff would appreciate your consideration of the 
>information summarized here and your response of clarification.
>Inventory Item #37 – Review actions of the Board 
>and staff in ensuring public interest:  Volunteer engagement
>Draft Recommendation:
>ICANN to establish a sustainable model for 
>relying on volunteers to do functions normally done by professionals.
>Staff response and request for clarification:
>ICANN values the contributions of all the 
>stakeholders as they volunteer their services 
>for working groups, councils and other 
>activities and fully supports the importance of 
>evolving the volunteer model.  Commitment to 
>establishing a sustainable model for volunteer 
>participation has been ongoing and includes new 
>outreach and engagement strategies, expanded 
>information sharing, travel support to ICANN 
>Public Meetings and a continuing commitment to 
>effective remote participation capabilities.
>New regional strategies are being developed and 
>implemented to engage more community 
>participants at the regional and local 
>level.  Also, Chris Gift has provided 
>information and examples to the Review Team of 
>new strategies being developed and tested to 
>engage more new participants through various 
>channels.  For more information, please see 
>Additionally, orientation for incoming volunteer 
>leaders is being conducted through online 
>training as well as face- to- face 
>programs.  The Online Education Platform is 
>ICANN’s on-line learning initiative and an ICANN 
>leadership training initiative (initially a 
>pilot effort before the ICANN Public Meeting in 
>Buenos Aires) is a broader proposal being 
>considered to expand community learning.
>While each of the structures has conducted its 
>own orientation, ICANN is working to regularize 
>this effort across all structures and provide 
>structures with additional support.  An 
>Orientation Program will be conducted at ICANN 
>48 in Buenos Aires by existing leaders of SOs and ACs.
>Staff would appreciate further clarification of 
>the objectives of this draft recommendation and 
>looks forward to continuing to engage with the 
>ATRT 2 and the broader community to look for 
>innovative methods to engage volunteers.
>Staff appreciates the significant work effort 
>that you and the Review Team have committed to 
>making ongoing improvements in ICANN’s accountability and transparency.
>Larisa B. Gurnick
>Consultant/Senior Director, Organizational Reviews
>Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
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