[atrt2] Questions to staff regarding rec. 19 and 22

Lise Fuhr lise.fuhr at difo.dk
Thu Sep 19 18:10:28 UTC 2013

Hi Larisa,


Here are my questions to staff:


Rec. 19:

Staff told the ATRT2 that they had trouble in meeting the deadline for
translating documents.

1.       What are the plans (and deadline) for improving the actual
translation and meeting the deadline set for the translation?

2.       Are there any plans for setting principles for different approaches
to translating? Eg. a very thorough translation for some kind of documents
and using more automatized tools for translations of other?


Rec. 22: 

3.       Are multi-lingual skills for senior staff a requirement mentioned
in a company policy for hiring staff (or in another policy or strategy for

4.       Do the multi-lingual staff use their language skills in
communicating with the community?

5.       Is there a policy that emails or conversations in other languages
should a far as it is possible be answered in the language that it is




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