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Hi Carlos

Just so folks have a more fulsome picture, the United States doesn't share the same views as the EC in terms of the process concerns re the disposition of these two strings by the GAC. While of course we agree there is great potential to improve how the GAC works internally and with the rest of the ICANN community one the major items, at least in my opinion, the GAC is now struggling with is what to do if there is no consensus. As one of many actors within the ICANN model, it's GAC consensus that ends up having a meaningful impact. If the GAC can't come to consensus the rest of the community can't be held hostage indefinitely and that lack of consensus has to be communicated. The trend of always wanting to "blame" the messenger, the GAC chair, is more than troubling in my opinion.

In this case, the issue at hand, geographic indicators, has been the subject of someone unsuccessful intergovernmental negotiation for many years so I'm unclear how the DNS is supposed to fix that problem.

Perhaps all of this is a little to in the weeds of GAC internal discussions to discuss more fully on the ATRT2 list, but I thought some context might be useful for the others.


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Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez

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Dear colleagues,

The letter the EU Commission has sent points out the urgent need to think seriously about GAC organization and procedures. The dysfunctions of the GAC decision making process are conspicuous even for the broader ICANN community, and have caused the ATRT 2 to focus its deliberations, among other issues, on the GAC effectiveness and interaction with the Board.

Much of Governments´ confidence on the ICANN model depends on how at ease they feel at the GAC and how effective they regard their advice is. The recent events show that there are plenty of things to change and improve in the GAC and as the review does not allow further delays, we urge the GAC to allocate substantial time in the months ahead, including at Buenos Aires, to look inwards and reform its working methods thoroughly.

Spain is devoted to this aim through its role as leaders of the working group on working methods. I encourage members to actively participate in this forum, that starting from simple and easy improvements can climb to more ambitious and difficult objectives.

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Gema Campillos
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Dear GAC members,

Following Heather's letter to Steve Crocker on our deliberations on .vin and .wine, the reactions in the EU (European Commission and EU member states) has been strong. Consequently, Linda has sent a  letter to Heather on the issue, which you will find enclosed.
Linda, Camino and I are of course at your disposal for any questions you may have on the EU's continued work on this matter.
Best regards

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