[atrt2] Comment review

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Sep 22 13:05:19 UTC 2013


After last weeks meeting, I decided to reread the comment summary provided to the group by the staff.  I am still in the process.

On reading, it occurred to me that we have not done, one of the activities that all recent GNSO WGs have done in processing comments, they walk through all of the comments, one by one using the summaries and make sure that each and every concern has been dealt with in the report.    We have responded to many by focusing on issues and slicing and dicing the comment pool among the many smaller team efforts.  But this mean that there may be some that fell through the cracks.  

I am not saying we should produce a comment-by-comment response report, we already decided not to as a group, though that is a decision I remain uncomfortable with.  But we should at least do a 'walk through' the document to make sure we have not left any of the community's comments unworked.   I think we will find in a walk through that many of not most will indeed have been covered, and we can just note in the walkthrough which recommendation covers the issue.  but if we find an issue we missed, we need to make sure we have done the right thing with it.  My previous email about the recent perceived as unilateral Staff actions is one example where I do not feel I could adequately answer the question: how have you dealt with this comment?  And in BA, I expect we will be asked questions exactly like that.  We will need to have answers.  We will need to do better than: "well, you know, what can I say."

I should point out that this is something that is always done via teleconference in PDP WGs, so I am not suggesting more face to face meetings.  

I don't know how you all want to do this, but I beleive that if we don't walk through the comments we got in the process of finalizing our report as quickly as possible, we will have been remiss in our responsibilities.  I want to make sure that we are not aiming at this self imposed end of year deadline in such a hurry that we don't get the whole job done.


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