[atrt2] On the issue of a persistent archival presence in the review teams 32/33

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Sep 22 13:34:10 UTC 2013


Since this suggestion for dealing with the AOC Review Team  technical facilitator whose mandate is to co-ordinate the reviews,  was not accepted by the group, I have two further suggestions for your consideration.

- Budgeting for one contracted expert facilitator/researcher to be hired for each of the review teams, to report to those teams.  This to be budgeted in addition to other expert external help that is budgeted.  The role will include coordinating information from previous reviews and should work on an information base that can be added to by successive annual facilitators

Rationale: We had many issues in the contest for the paltry outside consulting funds available to us. We were therefore forced to choose from several efforts.  Some of these efforts would have been assisted by a full time researcher who could have processed these smaller research questions.  In this case, since it is the information base that remains persistent and not the facilitator that feeds that information base, we avoid the CoI issue of using an ICANN employee for the function (in contradiction to using a ombudsman-type relationship which was defined as having a perception of organizational bias in our discussions - note: this perception of bias, is something that should be addressed in Rec 15)

- As ICANN now has an Official Archivist, budget some part of the Archivist's efforts for review team consultation.

Rationale:  While this is a new effort in ICANN, as time goes on, this will be one of the best sources of ICANN Institutional memory, an essential ingredient to our efforts.  Paired with the independent expert facilitator discussed above, this should help the ATRT gets it factual basis better established.



(apologies for not taking the weekend off as I promised I would do)

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