[atrt2] ATRT2 - Doodle Poll for WHOIS Web Site Demo

Charla Shambley charla.shambley at icann.org
Fri Sep 27 20:48:12 UTC 2013

Please click on the following link to participate in the doodle poll so that
we can determine a convenient time to hold the WHOIS web site demo early
next week.  The demo will last no longer than half an hour.  This meeting is
only required for Michael Yakushev, Alan Greenberg, Steve Allison and Chris
Gift.  All other recipients on this email are optional attendees.




I will send out a calendar invitation as soon as the required participants
have provided their availability.  Thank you for participating and enjoy
your weekend!




Charla K. Shambley

Strategic Initiatives Executive Assistant


12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300

Los Angeles, CA  90094



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